Team Bondi: L.A. Noire is very appealing to women

According to developer Team Bondi, the superior female brain finds L.A. Noire a very rewarding experience. Moreso than Duke Nukem Forever? Crazy talk!

“We think it appeals to a really broad church,” said director Brendan McNamara, “and one of the phenomenons we’ve seen a lot when we watch people play the game is that they’ll play it, or their wife or their girlfriend will play it, and two or three people will play it together like they’re watching TV.

“Three people can be entertained playing the same game and that’s a bit of a phenomenon. So far it’s been very appealing to women too, which is great. I think women are pretty good at reading whether people are lying or not.”

I’d say L.A. Noire certainly has a wider appeal than some of the more violent titles out there, and I think it does a terrific job of providing something for everybody. As a matter of anecdotal evidence, I can confirm that my wife tried to Bogart my time with the review copy. She’s obsessed with the damn thing!

L.A. Noire is ‘very appealing’ to women, says dev [CVG]

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