Tchia options and accessibility

Tchia options

What options are available in Tchia?

Tchia is a wonderful open-world adventure set in a beautiful archipelago suffering under the rule of a monster who needs to be taken down a few pegs. Released to generally good review scores in March 2023, the game is bound to be one of the best indie titles of the year. If you’re interested in setting sail in its world but want to know what sort of options are available within the game before you do, this guide has you covered.

For reference, this post is covering version 1.007.000 for the PlayStation 5.

Input Bindings
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Does Tchia have customizable controls?

Yes. Tchia‘s controls are fully customizable on PlayStation 5. It does not, however, have a layout of the controller buttons within its menus. The settings menu is divided into three tabs: General, Audio, and Input Bindings. Input Bindings is where you’ll be able to customize the controls to your liking. The tab is divided by activity, giving you an incredible amount of options in how you’ll control the game.

Those activities include:

  • Movement & Camera
  • Items & Abilities
  • Map
  • Ukulele
  • Film Camera
  • Menus Navigation
NPC Text Size
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What other options does Tchia have?

The General tab of the settings menu is rather robust and covers a wide array of features within the game. Included in this tab are:

  • General
    • Text Language
    • Family Mode
      • Reduces the intensity of specific scenes
  • Gameplay
    • Slingshot Aim Assistance
    • Throwing Aim Assistance
    • Camera Assistance
    • Invert Camera
    • Invert Movement
    • Invert Boat Controls
    • Togglable Aim
    • Base Camera Sensitivity
    • Aiming Camera Sensitivity
    • Motion Sensor Aiming Adjustment
    • Motion Aiming Sensitivity
  • Visuals
    • Field of View
    • Motion Blur
    • Film Grain
    • Brightness
  • Interfaces
    • World Indicators
      • Toggles visibility indicators for points of interest.
    • Stealth Indicators Visibility
    • Action Prompts Visibility
    • Name & Speech Bubbles Visibility
    • Soul-Meter & Stamina Visibility
    • Notifications & Quests Pop-up Visibility
    • More Legible Font
      • Changes font style, may create UI imperfections.
    • Subtitles Font Size
  • Comfort
    • Gameplay Camera Shakes
    • Vibration Function
    • Adaptive Triggers
    • Replace Mashing with Holding
    • No-Failure Mode

The maximum subtitle font size is 48. Please note this option does not change the size of in-world text, such as object-identifying text or NPC dialogue. Here is an example of the largest subtitles in Tchia:

Tchia Large Subtitle Font
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The final tab in the settings menu is Audio, which has a few options for players:

  • General
  • Ambiances
  • Effects
  • Voices
  • Music
  • Cutscene Music

That is the extent of controller and game options available for Tchia. We hope you found this guide useful.

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