Tarsier Studios back on track with City of Metronome

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There is a God — at least, one watching over the state of indie gaming. Tarsier Studios’ City of Metronome impressed many at it’s E3 2005 showing, but the studio has been trying to get the steampunk-inspired project off the ground ever since. Thanks to the Nordic Game Program, now they will. Nordic is a non-profit organization whose goal is “to assure access to quality material with a distinct Nordic element in computer games for children and young people.”

Nordic has awarded 2.5 million Danish krones (approximately $500,000 US dollars) to game development teams in the region. Tarsier received the US equivalent of $120,000 of that, which will be used for the furthering of Metronome. I want cover the person responsible for the founding of the Nordic Game Program with enthusiastic kisses.

These are the games the old LucasArts set longs for: A totally innovative concept set in an unusual universe. It does set me wondering though: Does any such organization exist in the US to support indie companies? I’m sorry to say it’s highly unlikely. Here people bitch about game violence; there they donate money. Talk about a different point of view.

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