Target starting to stock PlayStation Plus retail cards

Let’s make this clear right off the bat: you won’t need a PlayStation Plus branded card to sign up for Sony’s premium PlayStation Network service. Any ol’ PSN card will do, as will your credit card. I think this card is for visibility purposes, or for ease of use for soccer mom.

Still, it seems that Target is beginning to stock these PlayStation Plus access cards, which are good for one year of elevated PlayStation Network service. A Joystiq reader found the above pictured card at a Target store recently. On it you’ll see that one of the bulletpoints is that you’ll get PlayStation Store discounts. What kind of discounts? What sense does it make to pay for discounts?

Beyond that, I’m all for early access, free stuff and exclusive features. You know what would be better, though? I’d happily pay for the ability to download Japanese PS1 games. Why can’t we have those? It would be no skin off their backs.

Dale North