Target: Game sales, gift cards galore for Dad or you

I usually hate but appreciate those emails coming from retailers that remind you about those gift-tied holidays like Father’s Day. Usually I have an “oh crap” reaction, and then curse the mail for being a reminder that I have to buy a gift (I love you, Dad!). But then I’m grateful that it reminded me, as I probably would have forgotten (I love you, Dad!).

Along with some standard Father’s Day gift ideas, Target sends along some game specific sales and deals that you may be interested in…for you or your father. You’ll get a $50 Target gift card if you purchase an Xbox 360 Elite 120GB, starting June 6th. Really, that could mean that there’s a gift for both you and dad. And for those dad games, like Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, or Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2010 (with gun!), there a free $10 gift card involved.

And for you, there’s a few games going on sale: Bioshock 2, Skate 3, Prince of Persia, Just Cause 2 and FIFA World Cup South Africa will all be priced at $47.

Dale North