Target Acquired is the new game from famed Mega Man composer

Former Square Enix dev is also on-board

Some games are worth playing just for the music. As much as I love the Mega Man series, I have to admit that they can be a chore to play with no music, especially if you keep dying. An endless array of problems can be a treat if put to a catchy tune. That’s why I’ve got some optimism for Target Acquired, a new endless runner about a woman with cat ears. She’s a cop, chasing down a woman with mouse ears. Get it?

Rodent racism aside, it looks like a cute little diversion, though not something that would necessarily raise $10K on Kickstarter with almost a month left in the campaign. I’m guessing its the soundtrack by Manami Matsumae (Mighty Number 9Mega Man series, Shovel Knight) that’s responsible for the positive response so far

I bet they’d make even more money if they announced that this endless runner that isn’t endless. The people who are passionate enough about games to crowd fund them are usually the same people that like their games to have definitive endings. I’m not guessing Hyperlight Drifter would have developed much of a following if it were an endless dungeon crawler…

Jonathan Holmes
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