Tanya in Mortal Kombat X has my favorite Fatality yet

And there’s a lot of competition

When Tanya joins the Mortal Kombat X cast tomorrow, I think she’ll bring with her my favorite Fatality I’ve seen so far. It’s simple, elegant in a way. You know, as elegant as you can be while creating a person-sized cavity in someone’s chest.

But, it’s the way she does it that’s so graceful. Look at the way she casually picks out the heart mid-swoop. Check out how she coolly discards the entrails hanging over her shoulder. Cassie’s seen better days — that much is for sure.

The Tanya Pack (which comes with some character skins) will be available for season pass owners tomorrow, June 2. Everyone else gets to wait until June 9 to purchase this nimble killer — one who’s basically the opposite of the lumbering Jason.

Brett Makedonski
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