Tancharoen talks about MK: Rebirth short, webisodes

In an interview with Gamasutra, Kevin Tancharoen shares that the original Mortal Kombat: Rebirth video got published publicly on Youtube by accident. He had hoped to use the short film to lobby Warner Bros. to sign him on for a new movie:

“It was still in its rough phase, but I couldn’t send a 2GB file over email, so my friend said I could create a private page on YouTube and sent it to him to review. It turns out it wasn’t that private.”

When he saw Mortal Kombat trending on Twitter, he was afraid that someone may have beaten him to the punch. After he realized it was his own short, he got worried about the actors possibly not taking that too well, as “certain rights hadn’t been secured.” Thankfully, they were rather supportive of it and the rest is history.

The upcoming web series will span nine episodes, each lasting 7-10 minutes, and will focus on exploring the history of the characters. Tancharoen is working with Ed Boon on the pre-production, and hopes to eventually take the character arcs from the webisodes and then “have them merge together in a big 3D movie.”

Interview: Tancharoen On Mortal Kombat’s Sudden Screen Rebirth [Gamasutra]

Maurice Tan