Talk to a computer in a crumbling space ship in Event[0]

2001 meets Pony Island?

A person is on a spaceship alone talking to a computer — no, it isn’t Kubrick’s fantastic 2001: A Space Odyssey, it’s the upcoming PC game Event[0]. Apparently, players are tasked with building a relationship with a lonely AI on the ship’s computers in an attempt to get home. 

The AI is named Kaizen and it can produce over two million lines of dialog depending on what you type. Impressive. I can’t wait to repeatedly ask it if it likes anal, if it is top or bottom, and if it is a generous daddy looking to party with some tina. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, congratulations, you’re straight and not on Grindr in Columbus, Ohio. 

I’m all about games with a strong narrative that try something a bit different these days, plus who doesn’t love a good sci-fi game that isn’t just pew-pewing aliens? Excited to get my hands on this one in September on Steam. 

Jed Whitaker