Talk nerdy into Sony’s new PSP headset

I don’t know if the PSP Skype thing is your scene, but if it is, you might want to look at this new headset. 

This new earclip and flexi-mic affair is a lot cooler looking than the attachement that makes you look like you’re biting into an ice cream sandwich when talking. The major difference between this headset and the old one is that it sports a PSP remote control on its cord, allowing you to control your music and media playback if you can manage to jam a PSP into your pocket. I’ve seen it done!

Keep in mind that this is intended only to work with the new slim and light PSP (PSP-2000), though the announcement does say something about some kind of compatibility with the PSP-1000 through its remote control attachment. Of course, it’s fully compatible with Skype on PSP, as well as the few voice-supported titles out there. 

This headset hits shelves in Japan on July 19, and will cost 3,800 yen (about $36). 

Have you ever picked your PSP over your phone as a means of portable communication? I think it would be quite handy in a world travel situation. But other than that, I can’t imagine using Skype on the PSP. What about you? 

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