Tales series next game: Tales of Town?

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Ha! I knew that Namco Bandai was going to run out of things to call their Tales series of RPGs. Maybe it has finally happened. They did Tales of [insert musical or pretty word] for awhile, and then they did the Tales of Nonsense Fantasy Word for a bit. Now they must be running dry because there is a new Japanese and English trademark in Japan for something called “Tales of Town.” No, really. Tales of Town.

I kind of see what Siliconera is saying about it having a virtual world kind of vibe. I hope it’s something like that, and not about RPG towns. It would be like this: You go to the inn, talk to the mayor, open up a few treasure chests, talk to your girl/friend/mom one last time, stock up your armor and items and leave town. Then, game over. 

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