Tales of Vesperia sequel possible

While we weren’t in love with Tales of Vesperia there is no doubt that the PS3/360 JRPG was a popular game, especially in Japan where the word Tales before a game pretty much means decent sales. Yes, there is a strong following for the game, so strong that a movie called Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike was even made. During the debut of the film Namco Bandai’s Makoto Yoshizumi let slip some good news for any fans of the game. Evidently there is some strong internal desire to bring Vesperia back to gaming.

During the premiere Yoshizumi discussed how staff at Namco Bandai has asked him whether a Vesperia 2 is coming. To this he jokingly responds “Don’t talk like a fan! We’re thinking about it.” Not only this, but they want to keep the Vesperia story going in some form or other. When discussing the film Namco Bandai’s brand manager said, “I don’t know when it will happen, but we’d like to show [these things] in video form.” So they’ve got the story ideas, they’ve got the desire now they just have to get it done.

Matthew Razak