Tales of Vesperia being adapted for the big screen

I only know two things about Tales of Vesperia: one, that most of my friends that played it really, really enjoyed it, and two, that Yuri is freaking hot. Yeah, I’m jizzing over a fictional character again, and if you don’t like it, shut up and read this.

At any rate, I really ought to tear the shrinkwrap off that game and give it a go, but for people who loved it this ought to come as thrilling news: the game is getting its own film adaption. Kadokawa pictures will adapt the best selling game into a theatrical film. Kanta Kamei will sit in the directorial chair, while seiyuu Kosuke Toriumi will voice one of the characters. If you played Persona 3, you remember him as the voice of Junpei.

More details will likely be along on this soon (this month’s Kinema Junpō magazine will make the announcement official). Whether we’ll see an English release of the film is hard to say, but there’s always fansubs if we’re left hanging.

[Via Anime News Network]

Colette Bennett