Tales of Hearts: Anime vs. CGI time!

If you have a hard-on for comparing CGI and anime renders of spooky looking girls and diminutive witches, then you are in for the treat of a lifetime this morning! Two new images have been revealed showing off Tales of Hearts‘ main cast in both flashy computer graphics and old school doodling.

As we’ve explained eight hundred times before, Tales of Hearts is being released as two different versions — each version containing either anime or CG cutscenes. This DS game, the 11th chapter in the Tales franchise, is sure to cut a line between the traditionalist and the modernist. 

Which do you prefer? The big-eyed scribbling of the anime, or the dead-eyed creepiness of the CGI? Or will you do what Namco Bandai hopes you’ll do and end up buying both?

James Stephanie Sterling