Tales of Graces includes DS minigame, also a DSi title

The new Wii entry in Namco Bandai’s Tales series of games, Tales of Graces (TGS preview here), will come with a DS bonus game. It’s called Kamenin Merchant, and will be accessible via the DS Download Play feature of the Wii, sending it directly to your DS. This minigame is a randomly-generated dungeon crawler that has you fighting monsters to level up. Defeating minibosses in the DS game lets you unlock rare items in the Wii game. Also, your progress in Graces unlocks more levels in the DS game. Kamenin Merchant supports up to four player multiplayer action.

Want this minigame but don’t care to buy Graces? Kamenin Merchant will be sold at a later date on the DSiWare store in Japan, says Andriasang.

Mini dungeon crawler? Sign me up. Wait — I was already signed up for Tales of Graces.

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