Tales of Berseria PC version will use Denuvo, which Bandai says is not disruptive

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The idea of Japanese role-playing games releasing day one on PC is still pretty foreign to me, so I had forgotten Tales of Berseria  was doing just that. It’s a good trend, but the bad news for some is that it will use Denuvo, Bandai Namco revealed along with technical specifications. Of course it spells trouble for pirates, but I’ve heard lots people having difficulty getting through or around this seeming heavy DRM to get to their games. I’ve either never played a game with Denuvo or didn’t notice I did, so I can’t comment either way on that.

Bandai Namco explains this decision quite openly; “We love the community: it is you guys that ensure that we continually bring more Tales games out, and to a high caliber. It wouldn’t be fair to you if we didn’t put any systems in place to prevent people who try to acquire the game through illegitimate means as it eventually will slow us down bringing games onto PC. Denuvo has been proven to be a reliable way to fight piracy. So far, no conclusive evidence is proven to disrupt the player experience.”

Requiring just a minimum of 2GB of RAM and a Radeon HD 4850 or GeForce 9800 GTX (recommended 4GB of RAM and a 7870 or GTX 560), even people with lowly computers like mine will be able to run it. My 5850 might not be enough to play this game at its default 60fps, but luckily flabby-armed graphics cards like mine will have the option to set it to 30fps. 

Bandai Namco also adds that it will support 4K but that it will be upscaled. At least they’re upfront and honest about it.

Details about the PC version of the game [Tales Blog]

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