Tales of Arise gets a new adventure with Beyond the Dawn in November

We’re not done with Arise just yet.

Tales of Arise expansion

Two years after launch, Tales of Arise is getting another slice of story. Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn looks to add more onto the tale of Dahna and Rena on November 9, 2023.

Shown during today’s State of Play, the trailer shows the whole gang reuniting, one year after the events of the main game’s story. Alphen looks to be taking care of a child that’s on the run due to her lineage, and the crew gets wrapped up in the drama around it.

We can see the return of some familiar faces and locales in the trailer, as well as some new sights to see. In a press release, Bandai Namco says to expect over 20 hours of new game content with new quests, dungeons, boss fights, and a new story arc.

It sounds like there will also be a bit of a new start in this expansion. In a PlayStation Blog, producer Yusuke Tomizawa says that although Beyond the Dawn is a sequel to the main story, the team wanted all users to be ale to enjoy the game at “the appropriate level of design.”

“In order to ensure this, a certain level of skills and other statuses are provided at the start, and we did not adopt a simple transfer of levels and statuses from the main game. Instead, we have prepared bonuses such as money and skill points based on the clear data of the main game, so we hope that you will enjoy the new story while taking advantage of these bonuses and developing the characters to your own liking.”

– Yusuke Tomizawa, General Producer, Bandai Namco

Arise once more

Honestly, I really didn’t see this one coming. I really liked Tales of Arise, and it seemed to get some newcomers into the Tales series in general too. Even though the original game wrapped up pretty neatly, I won’t say no to more time with this team.

Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn is set to arrive on November 9 for PlayStation

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