Tale of Tales, developer of Sunset, closes its gaming doors

Due to low sales

Welp, another indie developer is out of the games business as of last week.

Tale of Tales, a Belgian game company who has been operating since 2002, has gone under. It’s mostly known for creating fairy tale-based video games, but as of late it has been working on Sunset, a tale featuring an African-American housekeeper. Only 4,000 copies of Sunset have been sold as of its release, which includes a 50% off sale and Kickstarter copies — yikes.

The developer notes that the situation is so dire, that it’s “barely enough income to keep our company going while we look for ways to raise the funds to pay back our debts.” It’s always sad to see a company go under, but in regards to Sunset, most people I talked to about this didn’t even know what Sunset was, and likely would have purchased it on sale if it was plainly explained to them.

And the Sun Sets [Tale of Tales via NeoGAF]

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