Taking ‘bury me with my games’ to a whole new level

Instead of leading you on, I’m going to do the kind thing and burst your bubble before you start mapping out elaborate designs for your Patapon coffin — these don’t really exist. They could, though, thanks to a little site called Creative Coffins that makes enviromentally conscious coffins from cardboard and will design them to your specifications.

The mockups were created by the fine people over at T3, and although they may not be real just yet, they did get me thinking — would being buried in a Halo coffin be the coolest thing ever, or permanently confirm for all people present that you were as much of a douchelord in death as you were in life? It’s cool to have an NES license plate or a N64 keychain, but we’re talking about death here, people. This may be your last trendy statement — do you want to do go down in history as the guy that got buried in an iPhone?

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