Take your Zelda on the go with these handpainted Vans

Kyozo Kicks has been busy creating awesome again. Last time, he whipped up the most incredible tribute to Phoenix Wright in wearable form ever, and this time, he’s back with a little bit of love for the Triforce-obsessed.

I really dig the crisp paint job and cool look of these sneakers — and it seems the artist is open to custom requests as well, so if you’re wild about the idea of owning your own Arcana Heart sneakers, get to it and send him an email. Check out his blog if you want to see more about the creation process.

I personally think these are cool, but I would guess some people feel taking your gaming obsessions to your closet might be a little bit further then they want to go. Would you wear shoes like this, or do you prefer to limit your gaming apparel to cleverly worded t shirts?

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