Take-Two won’t talk GTA on the Wii

In a recent GameDaily interview that CVG picked up on, Take-Two CEO Ben Feder would not comment on the possibility of a Wii incarnation of Grand Theft Auto. The comments come on the heels of an interview earlier this month, in which NOA president Reggie Fils-Aime said he would “love” to have a GTA on the Wii if it took proper advantage of the hardware. Feder had this to say about the subject.

I can’t comment on it, but obviously we have one of the best selling third-party games on the Wii in Carnival Games from 2K Play, so we know the Wii pretty well.

We’re building up assets to develop for the Wii and we’re excited about its growth. I can’t comment on GTA specifically on the Wii…

I think this is the first time I have ever seen a Grand Theft Auto question spun into a response about a collection of mini-games. Only a Nintendo console could create such possibilities. Despite the comments, I am still fairly hopeful that we will see something of the GTA nature on the Wii platform soon. Especially considering that a DS version is on the horizon.

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