Take-Two CEO ‘encouraged’ by Black Friday sales

Straus Zelnick, the world’s strongest CEO and recent Men’s Fitness cover athlete, recently told a crowd at the Reuters Media Summit that Take-Two was “encouraged” by the Black Friday sales. He then went on to add that “[The sales were] better than expectations, but it’s pretty hard these days – being slightly down is the new up.”

According to Yahoo, Zelnick added that good games would continue to sell well, despite the impending world economic collapse. But Take-Two will be “cautiously optimistic” about the chances of a runaway hit. Apparently, it’s all about being comfortable. “You’re unlikely to be celebrating,” Zelnick said, “but you’ll be OK. In terms of how our titles are performing, I feel it’s within that range.”

After talking corporate stuff, Zelnick turned and did sixty pushups in two seconds. He probably wanted to do some chin lifts, but couldn’t find a bar.

[via gamesindustry.biz]

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