Take a peek at Modern Warfare 2’s Team Deathmatch mode

We’ve talked a lot about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on this glorious day. First, we hit you with a Ten Minute Taste, featuring as always, the first ten minutes of the game — all the loads, all the scenes, and all the sweet tutorial action. A little bit later on we showed you the now-infamous “No Russian” level, which turned a few heads when it was leaked weeks prior to the game’s release. Hell, we even found the time to do a Ten Minute Taste for Call of Duty: Classic, the downloadable packed in with special editions of the MW2.

But now it’s time to hit you with the MW2’s bread and butter: the multiplayer. In the above you can watch me play an unaltered and rousing round of Team Deathmatch in “Karachi,” a nice urban level with plenty of high ground.

In the video, I manage to get on a kill streak, call in a UAV and an airdrop and even watch someone else put a turret on the ground. This was my first match in the component, so you’ll see me level up as well within the 12 or so minutes as well.

This happened to be my first match, so I was feeling pretty good about my ratio afterwards. My second match though? Not so great — I ran into some vicious veterans who apparently mastered this game within five hours. I blame the massive loss on both the player’s mastery and the lack of melee weapons. Fists can be lethal too, Infinity Ward.

Brad BradNicholson