Take a look at Total War: Three Kingdoms’ gorgeous map

I’m jazzed this is even a thing

If I was a soldier during an ancient era where they used the “wooden figures on a drawn out map to show our battle plan” concept I’d definitely sneak in and play with them like toys from time to time. I love miniatures, which explains why I’ve dabbled in many tabletop renditions like Warhammer 40K, and have a passion for the strategy genre as a whole.

I often play some games just to enjoy the scenery and the map, and I think that’s going to be the case for Total War: Three Kingdoms. Creative Assembly just put out a trailer featuring Sun Jian, but more importantly, near the middle it shows off what the campaign map is going to look like.

The studio typically does an excellent job rendering zoomed out macro-scenes where a lot is happening, but this one really knocks it out of the park. Total War: Three Kingdoms is still a ways off, with a “Q1/Q2” launch target on PC.

Chris Carter
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