Take a look at Dead Rising 2’s new weapon creation system

The more we see of Dead Rising 2, the more and more excited we get. Capcom released a few new screens today along with the announcement that Dead Rising 2 will be released before the year is out. We also learned today that players will be able to create new weapons by combining things together.

One of the combos we’ve seen plenty of so far is the one with the two chainsaws attached to the paddles. We’ve seen a number of the weapons that will be available in the game while we were at the Tokyo Game Show last year and looking over the list, I have some pretty good ideas on some deadly weapons I could create.

Swordfish + sword = the sword swordfish sword. Tall chair + beach ball = the bounce chair. Vodka + guitar = Slash. Dead Rising 2 is going to be so much fun!

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