Take a look at Capcom?s Tokyo Game Show goods

Capcom is going to have some awesome new merchandise on sale at Tokyo Game Show next week. Everything — from the T-shirts, lunch boxes, calendars and more — all look pretty nifty! The merchandise is of course gaming related and will cover games such as the new Okamiden, Resident Evil, Lost Planet, Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter and more.

All of the products will be only available at TGS, but will go on sale on Capcom’s e-Capcom commerce site later this month on the 28.

Out of everything they got, the Okamiden shirt and the sick Monster Hunter shirt are ones that I want. Also, those dope ass cat hoodies are a must get. CAT EARS! MEOW MEOW MEOW! Which ones do you guys and gals want or like?

[via Capcom-Unity]

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