Tak Fujii’s Tweets are VERY VERY EXERCISE!

If you paid attention to Konami’s legendary E3 press conference this year, then you ought to already be familiar with Ninety Nine Nights producer Tak “One Million Troops” Fujii. His performance at E3 was … memorable … to say the least, and now you can get the magic of his inimitable style delivered straight to your Twitter feed. 

According to Fujii, he thinks Western games reviewers — who typically pan his brand of hack n’ slash action games — are alright. In fact, the cheery developer quite enjoys finding out why we find his games, as he puts it, “shit.” Gotta admire a guy who doesn’t take reviews too seriously. 

However, it’s his advice to a would-be Twitter celebrity that really takes the prize. Unfortunately, with Fujii around, there’s only room in my feed for one extreme entertainer, and I’m gonna go with the guy who won’t start talking until he’s had has his own little round of applause. Follow him now — it’s more entertaining than Ninety Nine Nights!

Twitter Humour: What Does Tak Fuji Think Of The Western Games Press? [Siliconera]

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