Taiko No Tasujin 2 coming to DS, howls of delight ensue

Okay. I am going to try to give you, kind readers, the most objective version of this news as possible while I run around my house screaming with happiness naked, having flung all my garments out the window in a fit of furious delight. Taiko No Tasujin is returning to the DS sometime this year. While we have very little information beyond these new scans, it looks like the game will come packaged with its customary drumsticks.

A good look at the scans from Jeux France reveal the Taiko drums moving around on what looks like a world map and interacting with the trainer from the first game. If we can expect the same as we have from the first title, a fantastic soundtrack should be announced soon enough to accompany the game’s relelase.

I’ll be keeping you posted on any upcoming details of this release, whether you want to know them or not. I also may or may not arrive at your front door to sing them to you in my anteater costume.

[Via Jeux France — JUSTIN YOU MADE MY DAY] 

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