Tabletop wargame Halo: Fleet Battles available now

The Fall of Reach

Man, look at those dice. There’s some explosions, there’s a “no” symbol, and there’s the iconic Halo skull. I don’t know exactly how Halo: Fleet Battles plays, but I do love me some custom dice.

Halo: Fleet Battles is based off the Planetfall system, which is described as a fast-paced take on the miniature wargame genre. This first entry in the series is subtitled The Fall of Reach, taking place at a pivotal point in the Human-Covenant War, during the events of Halo: Reach and just before players take on the role of Master Chief in Halo: Combat Evolved.

Included in the box are 49 (unpainted) plastic ship models and a rulebook measuring at over 100 pages. Though no official announcements have been made for expansions or additional campaigns, the subtitle The Fall of Reach, the organization of publisher Spartan Games’ website, and the general trend in tabletop gaming point to this being the first of many entries in the Halo: Fleet Battles line.

Halo: Fleet Battles, The Fall of Reach is available now online for £80 (roughly $125).

[Image credit: BoardGameGeek]

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