T-Mobile users get a free game rental from Redbox today

Just a quick PSA

T-Mobile is in the middle of making a serious play to be the “fun” mobile service provider. Every week it holds T-Mobile Tuesdays, a promotion for subscribers where they can nab free or discounted offers and enter contests. One of today’s deals appeals to our core demographic.

Anyone who is a T-Mobile subscriber can get a free one-night video game rental at Redbox. The details are a bit fuzzy (mostly because I’m a proud Verizon user) but it seems like you have to download the app (iOS, Android) and claim the offer by the end of the day. Then, you have until the end of May 15 to actually redeem it at a Redbox.

Anyway, just a quick PSA that will apply to a few of you. Maybe this will give you a reason to go check out a game you’ve been hesitant about. I’ve heard Prey is surprisingly good. But all you Cricket and Boost users will have to pony up the three bucks to find out.

Prizes [T-Mobile Tuesdays]

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