T. Hawk and Juri gameplay footage from Super SF IV

Hey look, it’s a bunch of media for Super Street Fighter IV you’ve already seen! Deal with it. New screens, new artwork and the new teaser trailer all await your brains pleasure zone. T. Hawk is so overrated and Juri is a cutie. She’s also a lesbian and that makes her somehow hotter. No, really, she is.

While the media is a day old (which is the equivalent of two years on the Internet), we do also have some shaky cam footage of Juri and T. Hawk battling it out! T. Hawk is surprisingly fast and one of his specials is pretty funny. Juri, again, is a cutie and is very agile herself.

Take a look at all of the new media and content after the break!

[Update: Added one more video of Dee Jay in action. Thanks again, Jared!]

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