System Shock remake clears Kickstarter goal, nears one million in funding


A lot of people remember System Shock fondly it seems, as the Kickstarter has just crossed its lofty $900,000 goal and is presumably set. As of the time of this writing it’s rounding one million in funding, so once again people will be able to do battle against the evil SHODAN on a mysterious space station.

Curious? You can grab the demo here. The goal is to have the game finished by Holiday 2017. It will arrive on PC and Xbox One first, and the team is “open to other platforms” in the future.

Having grown up with games like System Shock, this project is a big deal. The recent enhanced ediiton did a great job of re-introducing the series that influenced BioShock out into the world, but this is something else entirely. Hopefully it goes off without a hitch.

System Shock [Kickstarter]

Chris Carter
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