Synopsis Quest lets you play 25 RPGs in ten minutes

It’s free, it’s funny, and it may very well break your brain. Introducing Synopsis Quest, a collection of RPG-themed minigames that will provide you with all the satisfaction of a roleplaying game while spending only a fraction of the time. 

Yes, it sounds eerily like Half-Minute Hero, but despite the similarities, it still manages to stand out on its own with some surprisingly clever puzzles. Many of them simply require you to think logically about your situation and the tools at hand, but a couple of them are quite tricky indeed. I’ve managed to do nearly all of them, but the prison escape level is killing my mind. 

If you only play one level, I highly recommend you check out the “Act Like A Hero” stage. If nothing else, it’s a lovely joke. At any rate, it costs nothing to try and it might keep you occupied for a few minutes. That’s worth checking out, isn’t it?

Synopsis Quest [via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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