Syndicate art confirms the game was/is in the works

A remake/reboot of the Syndicate series has been rumored to be under development by Electronic Arts for a good long while now. The game has quite the cult following, and anyone who has played it should know why. I haven’t, so I have no clue.

But from descriptions it sounds awesome. Who wouldn’t want to go around a cyber punk future destroying enemy corporations in a game, especially when that game is rumored to be developed by the talented guys at Starbreeze for EA?

There hasn’t really been any firm proof that the remake is in the works yet. However, we now have some concept art for the game thanks to a concept artist’s blog. Those concept artists just can’t keep their stuff secret, can they? The art looks pretty cool, if not a little cliche, and raises some interesting questions about what the new version of the game is going to look like and how it will play.

What do we think, Syndicate fans?

Syndicate remake – first artwork [CVG]

Matthew Razak