Synchronized global releases for Last Remnant and Final Fantasy XIII?

Cross your fingers Europe. While we might get poked with the poopy end of the release date stick nine times out of ten, if Square Enix’s plans for its next two biggies come to fruition, there’s a chance that for once we might actually not be turning up to the party just as everyone else is leaving, passing out, or throwing up. 

The company has announced that it’s gunning for simultaneous worldwide launches for both Last Remnant and Final Fantasy XIII. America and Japan unsurprisingly sound like the priority at the moment, but Europe is definitely part of the plan. Speaking to, president and CEO for North America and Europe John Yamamoto said: 

For one of our biggest upcoming titles, Last Remnant, we’re working to simultaneously launch in the United States and Japan – and we’re aiming for Europe. We’re still assessing whether that’s feasible, but it’s a goal.

And on Final Fantasy XIII:

We’ll try our best. Our ultimate purpose is to release titles in five languages at the same time. That is our ultimate goal and we are working on that.

Can I hear a collective cheer from the old country? While things are still unconfirmed, the simple fact that Square Enix is working on this at all marks a massive improvement over the dark old days when we had to wait a year and run a campaign to get our hands on Secret Of Mana. With the massive amount of dialogue to translate in RPGs, Square Enix does actually have a far better excuse than most for late PAL launches, so the fact that they’re working on this gets them a big gold star for effort from me. 

[Via Eurogamer]

David Houghton