Switch sales have already surpassed the PS4 in japan

8.13 million Switch units to 8.07m PS4s

Nintendo has a lot to celebrate as they have just surpassed the behemoth-like PS4 in terms of lifetime Switch sales in Japan. According to Famitsu, the little hybrid console sold 8.13 million units in that region, higher than Sony’s 8.07 million for PS4. Note that Sony has three years up on Nintendo: quite the feat!

Japan is only a fraction of the PS4’s market, however. While the region sits at the aforementioned 8.07 million sold mark, worldwide, Sony has pushed an impressive 96.8 million. It’s just in sight of the Wii’s lifetime sales (101.63m), which, if surpassed, will place the PS4 in the top five best-selling systems of all time list.

The takeaway? Both are doing extremely well. Sony is also poised to steal the fourth all-time seller spot away from itself eventually (102.49 million PSOnes) as it heads into the PS5 era, and Nintendo is going to keep pushing its “multiple Switches per household” mantra all the way to the bank.

The Switch still has a long way to go though to approach the PS4’s worldwide glory. In fact, it needs to sell 50 million more units to approach the top 10 of all-time list. It’s a hefty goal but I think Nintendo has its heart set on it.

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