PSA: Switch Online N64 controllers are still getting 2022 restocks

Switch Online N64 controllers

Keep an eye out

Switch Online N64 controllers are selling like hotcakes. While the jury is out on the Expansion Pack concept as a whole, the controllers seem to be doing fairly well for Nintendo. When they’re in stock, that is.

Remember how Nintendo said restocks would start up in 2022? So this is the page for the Nintendo 64 controllers for Nintendo Switch. Currently, it’s out of stock. I know! In some ways this is a “too late” moment, but very few people actually were able to provide the proper heads-up, because they sold out in minutes (some estimates are at roughly nine minutes or less).

This is more of a PSA that Nintendo is seemingly continuing to restock the Switch Online N64 controllers, and to be vigilant if you’re still gunning for them. Remember: these are only available for Switch Online members, which helps theoretically cut down on bots and scalping: except…not really, if they’re going out of stock instantly anyway. The going rate on eBay right now (confirmed sold) is roughly anywhere from $80 to $125, which is a bit richer than the $49.99 MSRP. For reference, the Sega Genesis control pads are also sold out.

Oh, and another tip! Once it comes back in, note this trick that Wario64 and others have been circulating: add a stylus to push the order over the edge for free shipping.

Recent 2022 Switch Online N64 controllers restocks:

  • May 19
  • June 1
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