Switch, NES Classic, Pokemon Go buzz helped Nintendo beat out Microsoft, Sony in search traffic

As of November

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It’s always interesting to look at trends and see what people are talking about in any given month. For example, while a new console release can generate buzz for weeks on end, if there’s no launch lineup, folks are going to stop taking an interest in it. That’s just one thing you can monitor by way of search traffic, and data from internet firm SimilarWeb notes that Nintendo had a killer November.

According to the firm, Nintendo tripled their search traffic, skyrocketing to 101 main search keywords, compared to Microsoft’s 30 for Xbox, and Sony’s 52 for PlayStation. This is mostly due to the stratified searches for multiple Nintendo products, including the massively popular Pokemon Go, the Apple hype for Super Mario Run, the coveted and hard to reach NES Classic, and the upcoming Switch. Licensing plays and an expansion into theme parks like Universal Studios also played a part.

The takeaway is, Nintendo is making a huge push in just about every way it can after the Wii U’s failure. 2017 will be a huge year for them, and I can’t wait to see how the Switch sells at launch.

NES Classic, Switch, and Mario grew Nintendo’s search volume to 3 times the size of PlayStation’s [GamesBeat]

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