Swery’s new game is a mystery RPG where people turn into cats

The Good Life

We were supposed to have to wait until PAX West to find out what Hidetaka “Swery65” Suehiro and his new studio White Owls are up to. Those plans have been accelerated, as game crowdfunding platform Fig sent out an email announcing Swery’s next title The Good Life.

The Good Life is about a photographer named Naomi who’s stuck in a rural English village. That town is hiding quite the secret though: Come nightfall, everyone in the town turns into a cat. Here’s the full description that was included in the email blast:

Welcome to The Good Life. The game is set in Rainy Woods, the self-proclaimed “happiest town in the world.” Here, you’ll play as Naomi, a photographer from New York who finds herself stuck in this small town in rural England. She’s found a way to pay off the massive debt she’s accumulated, but she soon discovers that the town is hiding a very bizarre secret…

At night, all of the town’s residents turn into cats. Why does this happen? Is this why everyone in town is so happy? No one seems to remember what they do at night. Naomi is here to find out what’s going on in Rainy Woods.

The townspeople aren’t the only ones who get to roam around at night as a cat –Naomi does too! Once the sun sets, you’ll get to explore Rainy Woods and collect clues and important items connected to the events of the story. The town becomes a very different place at night, as certain secret paths, rooftops, and attics can only be accessed by cats.

Swery goes on to say that The Good Life “will inherit the spirit of Deadly Premonition” but that it’s doing something new, too. He calls it a “daily life RPG” mixed with a mystery game. You know, seeing what all these townsfolk are up to during the day. Then, suddenly, cats!

As the email sender makes perfectly obvious, The Good Life will be crowdfunded through Fig. Here’s the campaign page, but it’s not live yet. It’s set to go up as soon as Swery’s done giving his panel at PAX West on September 2. Until then, more details about this mystery RPG will remain a, uh, mystery.

The Good Life from Swery (D4, Deadly Premonition) Announced [NeoGAF]

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