Swery65 didn’t know Deadly Premonition was Europe-bound

Deadly Premonition creator Swery65 didn’t know that his own game was finally getting the European release it deserved. The Japanese developer only found out this morning from European fans, who congratulated him on Twitter — much to his surprise. 

“Wow! Is it true? Please give me a time … I have to check it out myself. I can’t still say,” says Swery. “Let me check. So happy. But I can’t still say.”

Either he didn’t know it’s happening or he doesn’t know that he’s allowed to say it’s happening, but it’s funny to think that the coffee loving game maker managed to miss all the press releases and stories on it. Nevertheless, a big congratulations to a genuinely lovely developer. Deadly Premonition definitely deserves the glad tidings. 

[Via Swery’s Twitter]

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