Sweeping made (even more) fun: Dustforce

Dustforce is what happens when you mash the parkour fun of Super Meat Boy with the sheer thrill of cleaning. Sold yet? Eh, ehhh? Watch the video above — it’s how potentially graceful this game can be, if the person assuming command of the keyboard is competent at the controls. I am so not that person.

Even in a lesser, frustratingly slow state, Dustforce is still enjoyable, and definitely gorgeous to look at. You can try it out for yourself with this two-level demo, which also includes a level editor.

Since the game is very much a work in progress, be sure to give Hitbox some feedback, if you have the time. I’m sure they’d appreciate it. And yeah, I’m totally one of those people when it comes to having a clean house, as the not-so-subtle hints suggest. Haters gonna hate.

Trailer: Dustforce [IndieGames]

Jordan Devore
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