SWAT Team takes down PS3 gamers after a night of ‘gunfire’

With videogames becoming more and more realistic, it can be difficult to differentiate the sounds of pretend violence and real violence. A 21-year-old Copenhagen man and his friend now know this all too well after receiving a surprise visit from the Danish SWAT Team.

Apparently, there has been quite a bit of gun trouble in Copenhagen recently, so it’s hardly surprising that after neighbors heard all kinds of bullet-spraying chaos emanating through the walls, they called the local authorities. Rushing to the scene, and likely expecting a bloodbath, a Danish SWAT Team used their megaphone to demand that the poor gamers surrender themselves. 

As the two men stopped their game and turned themselves in, they were arrested on suspicion of mayhem, which just sounds like a cool thing to be suspected of. They were eventually released, seemingly without further incident after it was discovered that no real firearms were present in the apartment.

This is a fantastic story.

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