SWAT fans might want to keep an eye on Ready or Not

Pre-orders now available

Developer Void Entertainment has unveiled the first gameplay video of its tactical shooter Ready or Not. Announced nearly two years ago, this game is a return to the style of gameplay found in the popular SWAT series of games that last saw an entry in 2006 (excluding the mobile spin-offs). It looks brutal, violent, and fast paced.

The title will feature solo, co-op, and PvP play with a wide range of options to deal with any given situation. Referring back to SWAT, non-lethal firearms will be available so that you can subdue perpetrators instead of murdering them. Void Entertainment has stated it consulted with real-world police forces to accurately depict the accessible weapons in Ready or Not. This extends to bullet damage, armor strength, bullet penetration, and ricochet.

You can watch the new extended trailer below to see if the game is for you. The official website is currently taking pre-orders for a $40 standard edition or the $120 supporter edition. Ready or Not is aiming for a Q4 2020 release, though your pre-order will give you access to a July 2020 beta period. The supporter edition also contains access to an alpha test this August.

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Peter Glagowski
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