Survey suggests what Dance Central 2 could be like

Many of us will agree, Dance Central was a good first effort for an emerging device. A sequel — one presumably not so pressed for time — could really take the Kinect dance series to new heights. Kotaku got a hold of a Microsoft Game Studios survey, which gives insight into what might be on the way for Dance Central 2.

As with most game surveys, the features detailed are essentially all things you’d want. We’re talking stuff like custom dances, on-screen lyrics, character creation, song importing, an online store for add-on songs, and modes better suited for different play styles (e.g., drunken party dancing).

Be sure to peruse the full outline, and hey, if you have feedback on what is or isn’t included in the survey suggestions, let us know.

These Might Be The Great New Features of Dance Central 2 [Kotaku]

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