Survey says….

…that just about half of all those planning to buy a PlayStation 3 (48%) are under the assumption that it will be less than $300! Well, I hate to burst their hypothetical bubbles of happiness and cheap gaming consoles, but no f*cking way. Let’s have a survey of our own; How many of you think that 48% of PlayStation 3 buyers are mentally inept and a burden to society? Find some more compelling data from Compete after the jump.

  • PS3 demand surpassed Xbox 360 demand for the first time in September
  • The Nintendo Wii did the same in October
  • When told of the PS3’s actual retail price, 73% of all gamers and 59% of those considering a PS3 thought it was overpriced
  • 39% of all Gamecube owners are considering a Wii purchase while 40% of all PS2 owners are considering a PS3 purchase.
  • Those considering buying a Wii, 75% expected it to cost more than $200.
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