Survey says: Tetris is good for your BRAIN!

That guy up there, he was probably made smarter by playing Tetris. Don’t you know, it creates geniuses? At least, that’s what recent research from the Mind Research Network (also, is that name made up? Sounds like a joke) points to. Gamasutra reports that this research claims that playing Tetris increases gray matter in your brain, which means your brain will become more efficient and your cortex thicker. Wait … what? Games are good for me?

This study was done on adolescent girls. Dr. Richard Haier, a co-investigator on the study, commented that the reasons for this increased efficiency are so far a mystery, but they’ll continue investigating. Neat! Now when your mom complains that you need to stop wasting your life on videogames, you can fire up Tetris and shove a copy of this article in her face. Science — it works, bitches!

Colette Bennett