Survey Says: Teens are down with DLC

You teens and your boxless games. In my day we had huge, sharp cornered game boxes that had to use a piece of foam to hold the game disc in place. The booklets? Bigger than your face? Yeah, the boxes cracked, but that’s what we had to put up with, you whippersnappers.

A survey called “Taking Stock With Teens” was released by Piper Jaffray today. It polled over 6,000 teens with an average age of 16. On the downloadable game front, they seemed to be for it. It turns out that 53 percent of them were will to pay for DLC on consoles. Beyond that, 38 percent of teens are down with paying for mobile phone games.

The group must have had a weird sampling. Only 25 percent of the teens play games thorough social websites. I would have guessed this number would have been higher. Hell, I would have guessed all the numbers would have been a bit higher. Damned kids.

Teens Willing Consumers of Digital Content, says Survey [Industry Gamers]

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