Survey says E3 didn’t do much for PS Move or Kinect

I was at E3, but I sort of wasn’t. Shooting/editing video non-stop kept me from seeing a lot of what the show had to offer, and don’t even get me started on the parties I missed.

One thing I did see at E3 was a prevailing lack of excitement about PS Move and Kinect. Last year at E3, everyone was talking about Natal, and how you could use it to transport real life objects into your games, and basically create magic. At E3 10, we didn’t see any of that. Other than Child of Eden, both motion controllers felt lacking in the killer-apps department. None of the Kinect/PS Move software felt that different from what we already have with Eye toy/Wii Balance Board/Wii Motion Plus. At least, that’s what I saw.

Seems that the general public probably saw it that way too. According to this survey, some groups are more interested in PS Move and Kinect, while some are actually less interested in the two motion controllers now that E3 has come and gone. I expect traditional gamers to be less than enthused with Kinect and PS Move, but it looks like Wii owners and people over 25 (two groups not always associated with traditional gaming) are the two groups that were the least impressed with Microsoft’s and Sony’s motion-based showings. Their interest in PS Move and Kinect actually dropped since E3 10.

Though this survey is far from conclusive, it’s not the first time we’ve heard that interest in Kinect and PS Move may not be that intense. I think both motion controllers are great at what they do, but again, the games just weren’t there at E3. Contrary to popular belief, it’s the Wii games, particularly it’s first party offerings, that have led to it’s success. Motion controllers without compelling games will not sell.

Survey shows percentage of Wii owners interested in Move, Kinect– [Gonintendo, via Industry Gamers]


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