Survey: Japanese consumers not interested in 3DTV

While Sony is attempting to convince the world that 3D gaming is what it wants, a study from the company’s homeland indicates that a lot more convincing might need to be done. According to a poll, most Japanese consumers don’t give a crap about 3DTV, which seems to insinuate that it might not be the PS3’s golden goose after all. 

Of the 8,957 people polled, 67.4% said they had no intention of upgrading to 3D. 70% said that the 3D glasses were an issue, 57% were turned off by the price and 40% were worried by a lack of supporting content.

I’m hardly surprised. The world still hasn’t been entirely convinced that it needs HDTV, with many homes still using standard televisions. Even among gamers, you’d be surprised by those who have offline consoles hooked up to an SDTV. Yet Sony is putting all its eggs into a new and expensive technology and simply hoping success will come to it. 

I really wish Sony would stop doing that. 

Japanese ‘not interested’ in 3D TV [CVG]

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