Surrender your free time to Slay the Spire on Switch this June

There’s no going back

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Deck-building RPG fans flocked to Slay the Spire on Steam, and now the single-player roguelike game is making the rounds elsewhere. This week marked the PlayStation 4 port. Next up, Nintendo Switch. Mega Crit is bringing its mega-hit to the Nintendo eShop on June 6, 2019 for $24.99.

The Switch version supports Joy-Con controls as well as the touch screen.

Slay the Spire may look unassuming at a glance, but the design fundamentals are all there. It has enough crossover appeal that it’s been able to reach people who aren’t into typical card games, and I’m curious to see how Switch owners take to it. The idea is to climb a deadly spire as one of three playable characters, dispatching monsters with your deck in turn-based combat each step of the way.

Our own Anthony called Slay the Spire one of the best games he’s played in years.

“Like in Magic: The Gathering, you have a deck of cards that each come with a cost to play them. Each of the cards can be broken down into an attack, a defensive stance, or a status inducer. Unlike MtG though, when you run out of cards in your draw deck, your discard is shuffled back into your draw deck and you continue to fight.” As a result, “there’s beauty in brevity.”

It’s one of those games where you can play it safe while you’re still feeling things out or you can embrace big risks and have the run of your life. It’s also one of those games (like the brilliant Into the Breach) where you can figure out your foes’ actions ahead of time and plan your move accordingly. Feeling trapped, weighing your options, and devising a killer last-minute tactic – what a great feeling.

If you’re down, just make sure to set aside 419MB of storage space on your Switch.

Mega Crit [Twitter]

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